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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  February 24, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EST

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flames, ripped through a south jersey hotel overnight. horrified guests are forced to hang out of windows and wait the for help to arrive. >> when i got up out of the bed there was smoke coming from the bathroom good how
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fire fighters were able to get them to safety. more than just bad for your health, new study shows missing out on sleep as a teen could have long term effects, troubling behavior it can lead to later in life. deadline, doug. many fans doubting the process after the sixers send nerlens noel to the dallas mavericks for very lit this will return, what the deal means for future of the sixers. ♪ the >> and, it the will be a record setting day ahead, temperatures will climb in the 70's, making for a perfect start to the weekend. but enjoy it while it is here because a dramatic change is on the way. >> ♪ >> good weather and friday seems like a great combination >> i say we leave just right now,. >> yeah, yesterday i was in bed all day trying to rest up.
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>> you feel guilty if you don't go outside. i felt that way too. it was like 4:00 o'clock. i got the to take the dog for a walk. >> i got the to do something. i need a traffic, weather recap for the week but i need tonight like a rap, who wants to go first. >> it feels like it has been up and down. it will continue to go upside down. >> and the weekend is really sat the daze will be complete liz different from sunday. so, enjoy the 10 while we have it because this is a nice day. easy forecast. bus stop buddy having some tortilla chips. we just need to get him some salsa. it is national the tortilla chip day. phillies first game with the yankees. temperatures are already in the 50's. you will see how beautiful it is, 53 degrees. sunrise happened at 6:41. we have 48 in allentown and wilmington. forty-nine in lancaster. and we only go up from there. up ever 60's by lunchtime. zero seven's again.
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seventy-four is the record so we will tea it or exceed it. 7:03 on the clock a live look here at route 309 northbound, vehicle fire right here near norristown, that northbound side, that is a lot of fire activity down to that one lane single pattern heading northbound in 309. we have a disabled right here near construction zone. no a or b express service on the market frankford line all trains making all stops, expect delays and overcrowding and throughout the weekend, change it up you this city suburban transit schedules go in effect on sunday. make sure you are readied for monday morning's rush hour, i if you ate lincoln facebook and twitter pages so we are good to go. alex and thomas back to you. well, breaking news in cumberland county. two people are injured when a hotel catches on fire. >> and they escaped fast moving flames in the middle of the night.
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steve keeley on the scene in vineland this morning. >> reporter: everybody those before and after, pictures we will show you after pictures first and give you two angles. here we are with take light right now and this is back end of an l shaped garden style meaning two stories hotel, here on landis avenue in vineland at route 55 right to the right. look at how close to the main highway there south jersey, right is this so we're here, probably, four hours now, and now we will go back to video about five hours, this was shot by our team before we got here. i don't know if this is height of the flames but every video i watch, from fire fighters and e emt's and people witnessing seem to be more worse and more intense. bow you hear nobody was killed when you look at this video since this fire broke out the in a packed hotel, while all of the guests we have met the so far were a sleeping, except for where the room this thing started in, that was only guest that had gotten out on
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his own when fire department got here. just an astonishing story that none was killed here. thousand if we go to the shot from above and looking town at the this hotel my guess is looking at it without the roof and attic area where fire was able to spread from room to room, you can see what was a bunch of hotel rooms and is what left of them since they are all caught on fire. the chief was out here and along with one of the guests from dublin, ireland had a great attitude about all of this. one of the -- wanted to thank the reason he said he was still alive and that was a vineland police office shore we learned is jay rodriguez. he was one of the two hurt along with the guest in room 248. jay rag read us this smoke that will lacing in the hospital because he spent as much time as he had to get everybody out of here. people told us the alarms were not working in the rooms or hallway. they got out because jay, and maybe another cop, was inside this hotel, banging on every
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door, getting every guest alive. >> fire conditions from one unit on the second floor was fire extending in the hallway. we were able to initially contain the fire to the hallway and the fire unit, and then we had fire extend to the attic space and basically ran from the rear of the building up to the firewall, about six units the up and we were able to contain it in the attic space above those six units. >> reporter: you and everybody else told me no smoke alarms woke you up but knocking on the doors. >> yes, they did a great job. it was the police, inside. police woke me up. they opened up the door. police, get out, get the out. when. >> reporter: did you know it was on fire. >> there was a fire, get out of here. just get yourself out of here. so it was a case of just putting on the jeans and getting out the door really.
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>> reporter: we have told brendan and his family could watch us on fox 29 to the come in ireland. he said they were doing that and getting a kick out of that why is a guy from dublin staying in the ramada in vineland. he is in the glass business. for those who know south jersey there is a huge glass industry and big glass history town in these parts of the millville, bridgeton and vineland. he is a regular visitor from ireland. he wants to thank the fire fighters and that police office shore got him out of here so he can continue to live and be in the glass business and hoping his passport is in that mess, but don't count on it. he can get another one i'm sure. >> least of his worries. he has a story to tell. >> i thought he was here for st. patrick's day parade, but no. >> just to say thank you. a man is in critical condition after a hit and run last night in kensington. >> police are searching for the driver, jenny joyce is in brewerytown with the very latest on the investigation. >> good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning, police tell us that the vehicle they believed to be involved in this accident was recovered, in port richmond, overnight, and on the 3,000 block of martha street, accident investigators are still looking for the driver and the victim a four three-year old man remains in critical condition, at hahnemann university hospital after he was struck by a car, last night, it happened around 7:30, in the the area of emerald and clear field streets in kensington. police say a silver four door vehicle hit the victim who was leaving a corner store. police say the man was feet there his home when he was hit investigators say i am ago shattered the western's wind chilled. >> he was only just feet from the front door to his house where he lived when a car that was traveling east on clear field struck the victim and based on the scene we know that after being struck by the
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car, that his body was launched, about 50 feet in an eastbound direction. we found his cell phone and glasses, at one location, and right here near his home, because he was almost home when he got the hit by a car and then 50 feet east is where police found him, laying on the highway, unconscious. >> police say several witnesses have come forward and they do have surveillance video of the accident. they say hit and run victim is a nice hand. actually when it is warm he is known to have cook food for everyone in the neighborhood and very well known. he will need support of neighbors as he fights the for his life at hahnemann hospital , back to you guys. more reason to come forward. police are investigating murder in chester, and, 2600 block of boyle street. crime comes just days after the hair held two round table discussions, addressing violence in the area.
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also, someone found a, marshall road bridge in, upper darby, and, officers, responded to trying to figure out what happened here. police have not said if the body was that of a man or a woman or how they may have died. as soon as we learn more we will pass it to you. is there a developing story out of washington d.c. where a shoot-out leaves two police officers wounded and suspect is dead. this is right here the scene, just 2 miles from the u.s. capitol building late last night. it is in the clear what led up to the shooting or what caused the call to police to be responding to. both officers are being treated at the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. and the time now 7:10. president donald trump will try to reunite conservatives with an appearance that will be this part a victory lap. >> we are hearing from one of the hose controversial figures within the administration steve banon, emerged as a powerful tors behind many trump initiatives and a lot of
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people have never heard him speak publicly like this. >> reporter: alex and thomas, that is right. he is not reclusive this is sense that we see him. we see him, in a lot of these trump events but very rarely hear from him. that changed yesterday. donald trump has appeared at conservative gathering known as cpac but never like his anticipated return today as president. still perhaps more fast that iting for trump supporters and detractors was the appearance yesterday of top trump aid steven banon a major force behind trump policies rarely speaks in public and he did not hold back. >> if you think that they will give you your country back without the a fight you are sadly mistaken. >> reporter: banon spoke about a battle against official washington where federal agencies and workers a massed too much power he believes. >> the way the progressive left runs, is that if they can
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this is get it past they will put in some kind of regulation this an agency that is all going to be d-con struck. >> reporter: to that end the president is expected to sign a new executive order, his reform presumably lead to the scaling back of regulations, another major move as white house continues to face a number of issues. this morning the associated rest report ago this chief of staff reince priebus spoke to the fbi asking agency to defend the administration from a report alleging contacts between campaign officials and russia. that will fire up democrats. but cpac it is about uniting conservative republicans and even some trump skeptics on the right see an opportunity. >> some have trouble about the trade issue, and the protectionism issue, but for many conservatives, it was kind of a home coming. >> reporter: it hey not be known to a lot of folks but within conservative circles it is a huge conference, going on
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right now. it is interesting to go look at donald trump's arc this his relationship with cp theac just a year ago he lost straw poll for president there, today he returns today as president. >> we will be examining the president's word today in that speech. doug lou said inner washington , doug, thanks. pope francis is causing a stir after calling many catholics hypocrites. >> in the only that he said many are leading a double life and should be atheist instead. >> karen, you are here to explain his comments. >> maybe objecting to righteous indignation. he is telling 1.2 billion members of the church to be better to be a ate they is then to be a hipocrit california catholic. during a tally has he he said scandal to say one thing and to do another. it is like living a double life. as an example he denounced catholics go to mass and participate in church associations and activities but then to something like launder money or refuse to pay their employees a fair wage
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and not just to the right thing. he cautioned against having excessive confidence that god will forgive you in the even and it will all work out and maybe more time to atone later in your life. he wants you to think bit every single day and how we are acting in our exchanges we are having. pope has a history of controversial comments. he is, including some expansions for reeses to have the authority to forgive abortions. divorced catholics as well as asking for a lot more acceptance of gay and lesbian people, as well. so, you know, just telling us to be better people and be the better person when in one is looking. >> live by example. thanks, karen. 7:14. releasing a balloon in atlantic city could cost you hundreds of dollars. >> council members voted unanimously to find violators as much as $500. this is all about protecting marine life that can easily confuse balloons for food which can be a deadly mistake. other towns absecon island,
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ventnor, longport and margate also ban balloon releasees considering weather today, i guess it could be a beach day. >> yeah, a lot of people go during the winter. why not 72, 74. >> get that sea breeze, it is chillier there but water is very cold, don't forget about that. we have a special take tone a 500 race daze forecast, because it does affect what will be happening on sunday when you are watching it the here on tax 29. it looks like a cooler day, on sunday then it will be on saturday but you most important thing is it will in the rain. it is about 68 degrees when the race starts at 1:00 o'clock. back to us big changes over the weekend from 72 degrees over the saturday and 46 on sunday. that is thanks to the cold trent that will come through with thunderstorms late in the day on tomorrow. so lets go to the future cast and time this out. first of all to take we are seeing sunshine. we are already seeing it. it is zooming in the mid 70's. tomorrow, with clouds rolling in, first we will start still
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get in the lower zero seven's. but western suburbs about 4:00 . it looks like five or 6:00 in philadelphia. keep this in mind weekend making your plans and saturday , night is when the thunderstorms will exit. about eight or 9:00 o'clock. so then it is a lot colder on sun take but right the now we are starting off, mild in so many places, 53 degrees there. forty-eight allentown. fifty-one millville. normal high temperature in philadelphia is 46 degrees, we are already beating that. and, 51 in cape may. and, 50 degrees, in perkasie, at 48. goat you stared this morning. heading in to record territory today with that high projected high of 74 degrees. tomorrow is another hield one, and then we're cold on sunday but the cold doesn't last either. we're back in the mid 60's, by the middle of next week. and that springtime, comes back, bob kelly. just in time for how much. >> yes, 7:16. good morning.
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live look at route 309, northbound lanes car fire near norristown. you can see fire fighters, police, fire fighters just pulling away. you can sea water used to put the out the vehicle fire there so right the now only one lane , northbound on 309, right at that norristown, syringe house interchange and that is causing about a mile backup, for everybody heading north, to montgomery county this morning. southbound i-95 an earlier accident at allegheny avenue interchange, right the in the construction zone, they quickly got him out of there but that has set the tone for the rest of the morning southbound i-95 heavy from the the betsy on down. schuylkill eastbound we are seeing sun glare popping across your conshohocken curve northbound 202 coming up through malvern. if you are traveling through the weekend turnpike connection bridge remains closed to vehicle traffic and if you had are traveling to and from the poconos this weekend, just watch for that construction, between lansdale and the mid county interchange , septa says they are all trains making all
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stops on the frankford market line. thanks, bob. nascar fans gearing up for the super bowl of racing as daytona 500 weekend, of course , the big race this sunday. who can forget last years finish, after 500 miles of racing, the race you see here, decided by 1100 of the second, with danny hamlen defeating martin truex junior. what an exciting stuff with all of the stuff we are sporting this morning. you know daytona 500 is right here on fox 29. coverage begins sunday at one. shameless plug. >> love it. >> we are calling it day tone a day because there will be all kind of stuff going on all day. main event. make sure you are watching, all right. make sure you stick around for our 9:00 o'clock hour, because quincy and i wanted to get the a taste of the nascar life. >> so there is quincy with the helmet. >> um-hmm. >> with his big head. >> we have challenge each other at the track at new
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jersey motor sports to see who would win in a race. who would do better. look at quincy. >> he is so receives. the question is will it translate so far on the the track. we want to know what team you are on? team q? please say you are team alex. we have early events. we don't have that many votes yet. thinks our row motion picture here. >> how was it, did the adrenaline hit you, were you pretty fierce on the road. >> did you hear that. >> yes. >> okay. >> watch out. >> i cannot remember the last time, i was called fierce. it is interesting. it is a crazy feeling. we only had a little taste of what they have to deal with when they do the daytona 500. i don't want to say too much. i don't want to ruin the surprise or who will win but we want to see what team you are on. go to facebook, instagram, twitter, use the #, are you on team alex. >> what are the results. >> one vote.
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>> you are like thanks, mom. >> that was my mom in texas, thanks, momma. >> so #fox 29 team alex if you are team alex or fox 29 team q if you are team q. we will keep checking on this and see what happens as we go on. >> so 9:00 o'clock hour we will show video and show you the the whole thing. >> yes, us walking up, getting ready, quite funny because we have no idea what we're doing. we're both very much, beginners. >> i cannot wait. >> well, they are making it hard to trust the process. the sixers are. sixers fans are just upset over the team's trade willing deadline deal, and when the gm will give us a chance to screen the news, is what going on. what is the plan. also ahead another reason for teens to get enough sleep, the dangerous behavior, that a lack of sleep could lead to later in life.
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this race is consequential. it's all about being able to look your kid in the eye... and say, honey, it's gonna be okay. and this woman understands it in her gut. she gets it. stephanie hansen understands what people need. this election is very, very important to middle class people to live the life they deserve. don't ask yourself the morning after the election "why didn't i vote?" the morning after the election that has more ski mountains to choose from than any other in the country. ♪
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and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. you can find it all, only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your winter getaway at welcome back. say good bye to taco bell's
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chicken chillupa. >> fast food chain taco bellies pulling their latest menu item despite popularity. people like the chicken taco. >> hillary, did you like it. >> yes, very popular. went viral on line, everyone tried it, but here's the thing , they said it was a limited time offer and now, they are making good on that promise to take it away there us, but there is, a conspiracy theory about this. a lot of people say they are taking this off hen you and they will bring back two versions of it. one would be called the wild naked chicken chillupa and other one is mild. we think they mayday buy a more spicy version and then of original dubbed the mild, chicken chillup thea. we will see to they will come back. the it was really popular. i wouldn't be viced if they did something like that. it does generate interest when you take something off the
7:25 am
menu and then everyone is like , you know, want it back, and then finally comes back. the there is a marketing strategy to getting waves of people, into the door, so this may be what they are trying to do. >> yes. >> mcdonald's did the same thing remember with the mcrib, they pulled it right when it was popular and they brought it back over and over again. >> it is interesting when you said they will make a spicy version and mild version. to me and i'm very sensitive to spicy stuff but it was spies toy me already. >> it is the sauce in it. >> yeah, i think it was the sauce. >> did you try it hillary is this. >> i did not try it, but, i think i'm going to because they are supposed to take it off early march. so you should still have a few days if not a week or so before you see it starting to disappear off the menu. if you have not tried it, you can try it. >> we have a heads up. >> i'm surprised by this next one over the christmas holiday or holiday season we saw a lot of people at victoria secret and is what the other store, connected to them it is
7:26 am
victoria secret and pink. >> i thought they were the same thing. >> same company but two separate stores. but we saw people in the stores, buying items, buying gift card and apparently sales are down, hillary, 20 percent. >> reporter: yes, that is right, this is what we're expecting them to tell their investors about february which should be their next best month to christmas because valentines day. they are expecting to report 20 percent drop in sales from what they sold last february just a year ago, and this, you know, victoria secret has been struggling. they have cut out swim wear lines and thousand all of that was just to save costs because they were struggling. but i think it is an interesting move because from my trend, people that i talk to their swim wear was really, really popular. so i don't necessarily know if this strategy is working for them. you are not seeing the sales respond is. they may start, they may need to start rethinking things a little bit and figure how the
7:27 am
how to get people back in the stores and back on line. >> i'm shock. i have victoria secret swim wear stuff. i had no idea they have pulled it. i guess it is wintertime, i haven't check. >> reporter: isn't that crazy. i would go every summer to get the my bathing suit. so it is vice to go me that they stopped offering this swim wear line. >> interesting. >> maybe they have a has ter plan. thanks, hillary. don't forget to get that chicken taco. >> limited time. >> i'll report back. >> thanks, let us know what you think. >> you have victoria secret swim wear i have some pieces. they sell them separately. it is hard to find one that matches. but they are cute. >> i think you need to post on instagram and twitter and facebook. >> yeah, that is not happening >> it is crazy because my id, oldest one is 16, wanted victoria secret gift card. i thought it was, i could not to it. >> it is younger version for people in college, guy to the
7:28 am
university and stuff on there but i can see what you mean. >> you can get it the when you they're college. >> 7:27. lets check with jen who is showing us toy fair toys. >> and we will show you cute stuff, prototype stuff, same kind of tiehl, what will we be buying in june and december. billy thornton is here with our favorite little dude. we will show you what is hot what you will see in the store in just a couple months and school you on some soccer basketball. yeah, i'm all over you.
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flames wake guest inside a south jersey hotel leaving some trap. how fire fighters were able to bring them to safety and man credited with saving lives inside of the burning building it is biggest weekend in racing, the daytona 500 is sunday right here on fox, jeff gordon and kevin hardwick will be joining us later to talk all things daytona. quincy and i are racing this morning, inn expired by daytona 500. who do you think will win. you are weighing in. 71 percent team alex, 29 percent team q but we have getting comments. people are jumping on q's team if you want to vote, some people just tweeted me, tweet one of us, using the #, #fox 29 team alex or #fox 29 team q
7:32 am
>> like a race. >> yes. >> well, i guess the popular vote, and then the actual winner. >> we will dean it for weeks to come. >> exactly. great to have you with us. is it hello from the inside or hello from the outside. >> i'm terrible from the other side. >> other side, i guess. >> maybe. >> i guess other side of the relationship, right, sue because they have broken up. >> that is right, and i think it will be tough to get over weather today because we're over the moon we're so excited , and tortilla chips celebration with bus stop buddy. he has his shades on. temperatures are already in the 50's. here in philadelphia we have 53 degrees. the breeze out of the south/ southwest and humidity is up there just like syringe, summertime, 53 here, 51 mount pocono, 50 in wildwood, we are at 48 in wilmington and delaware and here's how you plan out the day. plan on needing the shade, plan on not neating a jacket because we will get the up to 74 degrees and sun does not
7:33 am
set until almost, we're close to 6:00 o'clock sunset, bob kelly. >> wow. >> so we have lots of time to enjoy today's weather. we will tell but chill i change over the weekend, just ahead. >> get out sweep up the deck, sweep up the old stoop and all that good stuff. 7:33. we have a live look at route 309 northbound near norristown road, delays, jammos, as we head, with only one lane, there is the scene, of what is left of, the car fire that was along the northbound lanes right at norristown spring house interchange, looking live, downtown, vine street expressway, stacked and packed there broad all the way over through the schuylkill expressway. travel times, about 25and sun glare, pack your shade this morning, on both schuylkill and 422, septa says all trains making all stops on the market frankford line, expect delays and overcrowding and a change up of the schedule this weekend so i have put a list and quick lincoln facebook and twitter pages this morning, alex and thomas back to you.
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coming up at 7:34. a new study from the university of pennsylvania find that a lack of sleep could make teens more likely to commit crimes as adults. >> this is fascinating doctor mike is here to join us this morning. good to see you. >> this comes there my lays. adrian reign i have never heat him but i want to. very cool dude. wayscally, what he did was he looked at teens and found that if they were sleep deprived, not the attentive and tended to have more anti social behavior back when they were teens they were five times more likely to commit a crime later on in have life. it is not a cause and effect. i would be in, san quenton if sleep deprivation led to criminal behavior. so what he is talking about is , and what he has a theory on is that young people, they come from wraps families that are in distress, tend to have
7:35 am
more of a risk of committing crime later on. it has to do with attention and the ability to focus. his recommendtation was get more sleep but i think it is more than that. >> social adversity. >> exactly, early on in life and that can play a role. >> so hey, early on we have got to headache sure that we take care of our young people, early on, not just with their health but with their minds and if it were up to me would i get every first grader into a ram where we made sure that they were eating the right foods, making sure they get exercise and what kind of situation was going on at home plant the seeds then so we don't have to worry about things later on. >> yes, you got it. >> we have new stud that is they do about how much sleep they should get. is it still eight hours. >> we are a sleep deprived nation and it the depend on your age but listen, there is
7:36 am
talk about schools starting later because teens, in particular, need more sleep especially in the morning. although it would disrupt the flow and ebb of people getting up and going go to work, i think that there is something to that. >> you think it can hinder brain development. >> i think it has a negative effect and all studies show if you are chronically sleep deprived you increase your risk of obesity, heart disease , diabetes, stroke, all of those things, they are all due to a chronic sleep deprived state. i have been here thousand over 10 years. the amount of traffic on i-95 early, early in the morning just keeps getting more and more. it is like 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon. >> talking about getting up and doing 4:00 a.m. years ago you never say why is news on at 4:00 a.m. news is there. people are up early and early. >> yes, working, dialogue,
7:37 am
pediatricians and having a good relationship with your doctor and asking parents questions about sleep habits. >> i think pediatricians are very, very importantly involved in their kid lives and that means what kind of things are going on at home. i have a wonderful pediatrician who takes care of high kids and she's involved in their lives. >> i have to tell you a true story. i saw doctor hike when i was than the feeling too well and my blood pressure was elevated he kissed me right on the forehead, it dropped 10 points >> i thought -- i thought that was between us. >> that is how great this guy is. >> how are you doing. he could see iowas not feeling well. and went to normal. love you. >> that is love you have there mike. >> it is all about healing, healing is not just, and boy do i have a buga theboo, it the is not the just numbers, antibiotic, drugs and tests, it is about the relationship. that is what we all need.
7:38 am
we need a relationship. >> well, we love you doctor mike. >> it is a little wet there. >> thanks, there mike. >> 7:38. >> we will check back with jen she has exciting new toys that haven't come out just yet. >> yes, your parents, call your mommy because you're done i'm cooling schooling you. >> we're talking about new school stuff and new toys and ah, you got nothing, we will be right back.
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hershey's miniatures. we pour 'em! we pass 'em! we pick 'em! delicious fun for everyone. hershey's miniatures are mine, yours, our chocolate.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. new york city toy fair was last week even, and bob kelly even went. it looks like he had fun. >> did you have a favorite toy growing up. >> did i have a favorite toy growing up. >> mine was fisher price tape recorder that had the hike phone. >> okay. what were you doing talking, singing. >> i wanted to be a meteorologist growing up, so would i go outside, predict weather. >> that is so cute i'm pictures little thomas. >> yes. >> we will love to see them. >> i loved my barbie jeep.
7:42 am
>> it is partly cloudy. that is pretty much how it sounded. >> now we will see what toys we might be buying for our kid later on this year. jen, you are giving us a heads up. >> yes, old school stuff is back in. joey portman is here, good morning. >> how are you. >> you have got to get to the toy fair because you are a toy expert you work with reality mom and you have crazy kid. >> i do, yes. >> so, just one second. >> so toy fairies something that happens every year in february. you get an overview is what happening that year. a lot of times toys that are really hot for holiday season they bleed over into the new year. i have some trends for you. >> okay. >> little pieces i found along the way. >> okay. >> oldies new. retro is back. do you remember, these. >> oh, sure. >> pet rock. how are you doing. i'm covered in paint. >> that is cool. >> i like that. >> i love them. >> look at how cute these are, little cars. >> do you still bake them in the oven. >> yes.
7:43 am
>> i'm having more even if then the kids do. >> other thing you said hatchimals is now having a baby with shopkins kind of. >> yes, believe me, another trend that is going on is these little collectibles, 2.0 hatch mal was the insane item of 2016. >> you hold this. >> yes. i'm covered in paint. >> this is what they are doing this year. they have little eggs about that size. it is a heart on the front. you rub the heart. this little guy will be inside >> will we be able to buy it. >> not until august but yes. >> so here's the perfect size thing. >> that is a special one. take that, run. >> okay. >> you said you saw everything mi thenions. >> this is one of the toys of the year. there last year. >> hold on. >> bunch of balloons. imagine high house. bunch of balloons is one of the big ones. >> do they work. >> they are wonderful. >> yes, they are ones they have. another big trendies, tv shows and movies, tj max is another
7:44 am
one of the big once. i didn't watch the show yet but this just came out this month. this is tj max. >> he is cute. >> car set. >> right. >> hudson are these boys or girls in here. >> boys. >> boys. >> okay, good. >> the other thing were you talking about the on the phone yesterday. >> yesy love when we do these segments with kid because it works out really well. you say there is drones, drones for kids and drones for dads. >> there is a difference between drones. >> mom, mom. >> you got the to wait a minute. >> welcome to my world. >> difference between, there is a toy drone, okay, and they can drone. you will not buy your kid a $1,200 drone. i'm not the best at flying anything. this is easiest thing in the whole wide world to fly. the lumi gaming drone. >> how old are you hudson. >> four. >> yes, he can fly it. >> but can you play basketball >> yes. >> forgive me, do you mind if i school your kid. >> bottom line you will be
7:45 am
seeing this stuff. >> yes. >> you have not played against me. do you want to see what i got. >> let's check in. >> yes. >> whatever, whatever, please. >> now you are helping him. >> let's go. here we go. >> you got your little -- >> jen tread is a trash talker >> this is a problem. >> you got good hair,. >> he has some moves. >> they are getting in the game. maybe sixers should try to trade and get jen. >> children are great. >> that is what it looks like. >> talking about the sixers now we are doubting the process here. sixers fans, well, i don't know how they feel about this trade. people say it is a terrible trade on deadline day. we will break down the move that center in lens noel to the mavericks, our sean bellies in the the house and will break it down for us.
7:46 am
this race is consequential.
7:47 am
it's all about being able to look your kid in the eye... and say, honey, it's gonna be okay. and this woman understands it in her gut. she gets it. stephanie hansen understands what people need. this election is very, very important to middle class people to live the life they deserve. don't ask yourself the morning after the election "why didn't i vote?"
7:48 am
live look at roosevelt boulevard. we have an accident right here near the schuylkill expressway the it is causing delays for folks coming out of the broad street heading down towards schuylkill coming in on 422, lots of sun glare this morning pack your shade. roll down window. open up sun roof. enjoy it. coming there south jersey no
7:49 am
problems on the add perfect wilson boulevard. you can see sun glare hitting you hard, size of the shadows there but no problems heading up and over the benny. that early morning vehicle fire north on 309, still causing a delay here near norristown road and then septa says no a or b express service all trains making all stops, not the sure if this has anything to do with the accident other day or crack in some of those trains from a couple weeks ago but they say expect delays and overcrowding on the market frankford line, paoli thorndale line running with delays this morning and over weekend new schedule gets rolled out for city and suburb it transit lines, that takes effect sunday but it will affect everybody really for that first monday morning rush hour, i put the a whole list of changes on our facebook and twitter age. sueby has your weekend forecast in 15 seconds.
7:50 am
we have had a mild month of february, only five days in the entire who have been below average and most of the other ones have been well above average, including today. so we're on track to be the mildest february, ever. february 2017. check this out, 22 of the past 23 months in a row, have been above normal. so, future cast shows above normal temperatures today, plenty of sunshine. here's timing for those thunderstorms tomorrow. think about this making your lance for saturday. it will be a mild day but four or 5:00 o'clock western suburbs we will start hearing that thunder, six, maybe 7:00 o'clock in the city and then by eight or 9:00 o'clock cold front has moved off shore and then very, very chilly for sunday. 53 degrees right now in philadelphia we will head to a high of 74 later on, that is record for this date. seventy-two tomorrow with the
7:51 am
late thunderstorm. high of 46 on sunday. wind makes it feel colder. by monday and tuesday though here comes a warming trend for mardi gras on tuesday, and it looks like a good 162 degrees, guys. >> thanks, sue. sixers fans, and a lot of other people scratching their head this morning after the tiehl the team made at the trade deadline. nerlens noel was traded to the dallas mavericks for andrew bogut. >> bogut. >> justin anderson and protect first round draft pick. jahlil okafor has not been traded and will remain with the team. after all of those rumors and talk i feel like every day we were reporting what will happen with the rumors. >> sean bell. >> getting up extra early. >> this is a great, great deal >> who will say that. not i. >> that is not a first round pick. it is not first round pick this year which it won't be because dallas is not going to be a top 18 team, it will go to 22nd round picks next year. that is what we are getting, 22nd round picks next year. that is what we traded nerlens
7:52 am
noel for. we traded two layers in the the rotation for 42nd round picks. four layers that will never play. >> dallas got better deal. >> on top of that andrew bogut will never get playing here, he will get bought out. >> where do you think he will go. >> i think boston, there is still a loop hole where he can go back to the warriors. he can go back to the warriors and help out that championship team. >> do we have to do something because jahlil okafor. we had three big men. he is upset. he is in the the playing. >> you are right, nerlens had to go. he absolutely had to go because he wasn't going to resign here anyway. that is what you get. i understand nerlens noel is not a superstar layer but you could have gotten a player that will play in the rotation >> he was a complimentary player but sixth hand. >> you you could have gotten a
7:53 am
layer and got someone in the rotation you got second round picks who will never play. second round picks unless it is extraordinary don't play. they end up not being players. so you got, trade add way two geyser san ilyasova, they are guys that can play. they will lay for whatever team they can go to for throwing. >> what do you make of anderson. >> he is okay. he will fight for robert covington. he will fight with nick stauskus for time. he is nothing extraordinary. he is a young kid. he will grow. >> interesting to go hear you talk lake this because daily news they are saying colangelo 's know what they are doing with the sixers. do you agree. >> yeah, they though. >> they know, like okay, let's give a little. in the end of the take joel embiid comes back right and ben simmons comes back right and they are top five pick this year, if they select well , they will go on to be a pretty good team, okay.
7:54 am
but don't tell me you traded away these layers because you know what you are doing. >> so now we have okafor, is there talks about new orleans, chicago, denver, all that off the table. what happens with oak for. >> at the even of the day last 25 years you have to start him , play him 30 minutes a game and give him value. he didn't have real value. that is why. that is what you have to do. then they will trade him, around draft night. >> i don't know how he does it mentally. >> they treated this kid awful there i. as a 21 year-old kid, 22-year old kid, how can you progress, get better when they treat you like this when you to not get consistency. that is what you need as a young player. >> i want to cover more than just sixers, special occasion when you are here on this show >> is it. >> yes. >> we love having you here. >> the phillies, voting starts right now for wall of fame, live on the web site. >> pete rosies the big name. >> pete rose.
7:55 am
>> baseball, it is about freak ing time, okay. he is one of the great toes ever do it. we have bunch of guys up there for the wall of tame but it is pete rose. you can let him into the wall of fame. why can't you let him in the hall of fame, all right. he has paid his dues. he has ton his time. let him this. stop being so stubborn, okay. everybody those pete, if the wall of fame was about, hall of fame was about character, most of the people in the hall of fame wouldn't be in the hall of fame because there are a lot of people who were trash individual. if we want to be honest. >> we will see what the fans do voting end how much 15th. >> i want your take on this next one. you, quincy, hit the race track. >> we did. >> tell us about it. >> and we want to see who do you think will win? we went to the new jersey motor sorts park. this is how it is going down. 72 percent team alex. 28 percent team q. i don't know if we have any
7:56 am
video. >> we are gearing up for daytona 500 so what better way then to have alex and q hit the race track go head to head and see who wins this one. right now 72 percent team alex , 28 percent team q. >> look at these game faces, all suited up ready to go. >> why do you look so tough right there. >> you have to look tough when you take on a opponent. >> why do you look so tough. i have to go q, i'm sorry, i think q will win this one. >> i'm sorry, i apologize. >> you guys to have stick together. >> oh, shots fired. >> i love you sean bell. >> shots fired. >> don't helps with the man's head. >> we're still clean though. >> i'm with you. >> it is a lot have smoke and mirrors up there. >> thank you. >> that is why i got to be like freeway. freeway beard sticking out. >> good to see you, shawn.
7:57 am
>> he came on, we appreciate it. that is how bigot is. >> i usually to. you know, some people, have something to say about the flower. >> they always have something to say. >> only people that don't necessity style. >> okay. >> talk about the flower. >> fresh. >> you have been in magazines with your flower, i understand it. >> it is for a good cause. >> oscars are this sunday, lava landis expect to have a huge night, but who should really be taking home statue. kevin mccarthey we will call him up and he will weigh in. ♪fast, rhythmic drumming
7:58 am
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8:00 am
south jersey hotel engulfed this flames, guests hang from windows waiting for help. >> banging on the the doors saying get out, the alarm didn't go off. >> who ran from room to room to save those inside. heart breaking photo of boy's battle with cancer why
8:01 am
her hotter shared this difficult moment and how people around the world are responding. let's go to the movies. >> ♪ >> the academy awards are this sunday will la la land have another big night. grab the popcorn it is time for oscar predictions. beyonce backing out. >> ♪ >> singer cancels her coachela performance the reason she won't take to the stage and why it is bad news for more than just her fans. >> two guests. >> baby number one, baby number two. >> exactly. >> good morning, it is friday. >> yeah. >> we're all wearing bright colors this weather. >> feels like spring. >> yes. it does. >> inn teed that will be the early may, what these temperatures are like, it feels like it should be early may but it is still february. did i get that out right.
8:02 am
>> yes. >> i understood. >> i can tell you, it will be a 10 out of 10 today. we have no precipitation, no fog like what we had yesterday , it the is sunshine, tortilla chip day we added some salsa for bus stop buddy because chips are boring without salsa. temperatures in the 50's. very mild to start, including here in philadelphia, where the current temperature is 56 degrees, all ready, humidity up there at 48 percent and all of our other temperatures are in the 50's as well, so it won't take much to get to us 74 degrees which is record for the day, syringey70's, today, tonight we are down to 56. dense fog overnight. big weather changes coming over the weekend. zoom, zoom, bob kelly. >> zoom, zoom, we have an accident on i-95, that is putting my crash helmet on here as i'm ready for daytona 500 sunday here on fox. exactly. this guy probably needed it
8:03 am
here. this is i-95 southbound. you know you are having a bad start to the day when you are facing the wrong way on i-95. this guy got spun around, involved in a crash with two other cars, you have the the highway patrol here. this is southbound i-95 right here near philly international so come up and over ben franklin bridge no problems at all as you work your way here in towards downtown. delays on 42, the schuylkill, mainly due to sun glare. pop your sun visor down on your crash helmet and septa says no a or b train service, all trains making all stops so expect delays and overcrowding , alex and thomas back to you. two people are hurt when a motel goes up in flames. >> this was an amazing scene. staff, guests reports, escaped right in the middle of the night. steve keeley has been on this all morning long. route 55 in vineland, steve. >> reporter: just got an update there those two people hurt, thumb one it was a female guest that had climbed out of her second story window
8:04 am
in room 248 got down to the ground and greeted fire fighters first arriving here. she had smoke inhalation and she has been transferred to crozer, over in chester, where they are expert at treating smoke burns. the second person hurt was a vineland police officer jay rodriguez with smoke inhalation and now they want to keep him overnight the because he has high readings of carbon monoxide gas in his blood just to be safe and keep him overnight. so, he got some smoke because he took so much exposure in this burning fire. lets look at the video. he is going into this burning building because the alarms are not working and nobody is waking up and getting out on their own. he is going door to door and knock being doors and down doors we have learn from the police chief forcing the doors opened because they didn't have swipe cards to the doors. people were asleep and not opening up the doors to make sure there was no one on the other side falling asleep or
8:05 am
not going to the door because they feared some loon particular is out there knocking on the doors. basically, jay rodriguez knock down some doors. he probably got some hurt arms and hand too in addition to the smoke inhalation. let's hear from the vineland police chief and a guest here who was lucky that police officer got the her and her family up by knocking on their door. >> we had occupants attempting to jump from the second floor unit adjacent to the fire department where they were hanging out the window throwing their belongings outside the window. our ground crew threw ladders out and helped them over and down to the ground. we had one occupant of the fire unit that selfie vac waited and reported to e ms with smoke inhalation and burn injuries. they were transported to inspirea hospital here in vineland and currently being transported to crozer-chester burn center in pennsylvania. >> i just laid down but it just fell asleep.
8:06 am
>> reporter: how did you find out everything was on fire. >> someone came knocking on the door, saying get out. when i got back out smoke was copping out of the door way and bathroom. i just jumped up and grabbed him. >> reporter: was everybody okay. >> everybody was okay. we all got out. >> reporter: there you see, vineland chief, still on the scene here and he told me that he found out he and his crews found out. when somebody pulled the alarm that goes to the firehouse. that worked. when that alarm is pulled all alarms should be blaring in every room and every hallway in the building and they have to find out why that didn't happen. by the way hopefully this is his last fire because he just took retirement in a few weeks and hopefully nothing like this before retirement. good career to him. good solute to him and his men and police officers who got the these people out alive. >> they do an amazing job. all of the best to him. you mentioned it could have been far worse and a lot of questions remain about the smoke alarms, what went wrong and the investigation itself,
8:07 am
steve, thanks. >> thank goodness that police officer was there. ape man is in critical condition after being struck last night by a hit and run driver kensington. it happened on the 2,000 block of clear field street. the driver was behind the wheel of the silver four door with the sun roof and they found that car, this morning in port richmond on the 300 block, 3,000 block of martha street, but they are still searching for the driver. victim is being treated at hahnemann hospital. 8:07. a texas mother gets real about her 10 year-old son's battle with cancer through a heart breaking facebook post. >> that photo is getting a lot of response. karen hepp has more on the story. it shows what you parents to have go through. >> shocking photo the owe. >> it is just you feel all of the the emotion coming right through and imagine, and imagine if this was your situation you had to deal with a sick child. mom shared her family's story to shine a light what the reality is like of living with cancer. the just a glimpse. those daily struggles you do not see, people putting on a
8:08 am
brave face all the time. this is what it is really like you can seee motion behind this picture. this little boy is drake, and not easy to look the at. he is very pale. he lost all of his hair. really skinny. he is sick from the chemotherapy. wearing a pull up diaper. he was diagnosis with leukemia in september of 2012 and battling the disease for a second time. in the post his mom jessica revealed her son how she has to beg him to eat think food, to drink ensure, to have one green bean, just sip little tea and water and even there because he is scared. so after she wrote all this it went viral. he had to go to the hospital right after this because they struggle every single will day with dehydration and some other issues but since then she put out a update on his condition. she said yesterday was a better day. that is what you have to do when you tiehl with this in your life and family take by day. appetite slowly better, sipping more water but trying to get him to seat something
8:09 am
more substantive. he has a few goals present he can come back home out of the hospital but he seems to be on the upswing and just thanking everybody for their continued support, rayers and well wishes. her post has been shared more than 68,000 times. maybe you have many members of the families that saw it and you are a parent and see that and like look at this. if you would like to help they have a you caring page to help pay for their medical expenses >> when i saw that photo, karen, it is shock to go hear about kid going through cancer , that is bad enough but to see that photo and look on his face. >> breaks your heart. we wish trach and all of the little warriors the best. the this is another reason why you should give to so many organizations who help family go through this but not the just emotional but financial situation they are in. karen, thank you. >> our heart goes out to those families. robin thick/paula patton divorce trauma continues. how she says he tampered with evidence. and lets go to the movies, shall we, the academy award
8:10 am
are this sunday so will la la land have another big night? grab popcorn it is time for oscar predictions.
8:11 am
8:12 am
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8:13 on a friday morning. i-95 southbound slow go there allegheny towards downtown, pack your shade though we have lots of sun glare this morning and then penndot crews are coming finishing up this work on 322, between route one, i-95, right after rush hour, southbound i-95 we have an accident just one car spun around, three cars all together this stretch of i-95 is almost like a trag race when there is no traffic jams heading south down towards philly international, so highway patrol all off to the side here and we are exchanging our license, registration, insurance card. coming northbound the delay is on island all the way up here. delays on the septa paoli thorndale line. sueby's calling it a 10. what about the weekend? she has details in 15 seconds.
8:14 am
it is looking good out there with the sun up, high pressure this control but waiting in the wings arriving tomorrow is a cold front and that will change this spring- like weather pattern for second half of the weekend so we will see lots of sunshine today as we look at future cast and then the timing of these thunderstorms, tomorrow. about four or 5:00 o'clock this is western suburbs, between five and 7:00 tomorrow evening, in philadelphia, and then everything clears the coast by nine clocks owe lock tonight. seventy-four today. seventy-two tomorrow. cold and windy 46 degrees on sunday. warming trend into the middle of next week, guys. >> thanks, sue. >> horror film fanatics are so exited to see get out, i don't even like scary movies but
8:15 am
this looks like so much more than just a scary movie, it has already received a very rare 100 percent rotten tomatoes and about a african-american man who visits his white girlfriend parents in this odd town. >> so how long has this thing been going on, this thing. >> so look, i go do high research, apparently a whole bunch of brothers went missing this summer. >> you got to go. >> is everything okay. >> lets get the keys. >> i don't necessity where they are. >> rose. >> wait. >> mind is a terrible thing to waste. >> it looks so good. >> can't wait to see this. >> movie critic kevin mccarthey looking very dapper, my friends, what did you think >> oscar weekend, i will get
8:16 am
to my oscar predictions but alex, i want townsend me a text this weekend, and we can have a conversation. i know, alex has been asking about this movie for a while. you commented on my instagram when i met jordan peel. this movie is absolutely incredible. jordan peel, what a film headachier. you know, we know him from a comedian but when you are watching this movie, you would they ever guess it is coming there jordan peel but there is , comedy in this horror film you mentioned the plot, alex but beauty is it combines horror, comedy, thought provoking, clever, the twist which i will not say is absolutely jaw dropping. jaw dropping. if i told you right now which i'm not going to you would not even believe me. there is no way. it is insane how craze think movie is. when you see it a second time which i did on tuesday is even better. jordan peel specifically wants this film to be seen twice
8:17 am
because once you know what is actually happening it is more rewarding experience because you can pick up on little things throughout anal son williams is a hazing. daniel, who is british in real life is a even if hennal hearn accent, he is fantastic, bradley whiteford is amazing. al accounts, i though you have been excited. you have been telling me about it. i can't wait for to you see it >> i don't even like scary movies but i'm saying for this i want to see this. >> peel didn't appear in the movie, did he tell you why. >> jordan is just writing and directing but what made you want to see this if not a horror familiar. you have been talking about this for a while thousand. >> it seems like a twist, it is not a complete horror movie it is throughout provoking and that made me want to see it. >> it is amazing. the it is high first five out of five of 2017. it is, a master class in cinema. it is a brilliant film. the listen, i wish i could
8:18 am
talk about why i loved it but i can't but movie has so many amazing messages about just our culture, society, how we talk to each other. it is insanely well done. i was blown away by it. >> do you think he will be a great director of horror. >> he already is. this is like his trekking debut and he made a perfect or film in my opinion is as good as classic horror times. i think that people will be blown away and as a 100 percent rotten tomatoes. i can't wait to hear your thoughts. thomas, message me too. >> we have our discussion. >> why are you all dressed up, my friend. >> oscar predictions. >> we want to know what you think. lets start with best supporting actor. >> best supporting actor, it is an interesting category. moon light was one of my favorite films, thumb five of last year. ali it was brilliant. i loved him in house of cards. in this category i tiehl like
8:19 am
there were so many other better performanceness moon light deserving of this nomination, he is barely in the the movie at times. for he actor who laid in the character lucas hedges, actor there hand chester by the sea was better supporting character. he was in the the movie more. there to support case a fleck more. but i think ali will win which i'm excited because it will give a win to moon light, an amazing movie. i'm not had. i think there is some actors in moon light more deserving of the nomination then ali. so that is best supporting actor you will say your vote and what you think will actually win. next one is best actor or best supporting actor, sorry. >> yes, i'll do best, will win , should win this is no question viola davis. she destroys it this fences, amazing performance. one of the best. she hey be best cryer i have ever seen on screen. she's amazing at the what she
8:20 am
does. she will win for fences. she did the show on stage. she will win the oscar for laying it on film. it will be amazing. >> she has had a sweep she she has been winning a lot. now we will get to best actor. >> this is a tough category, leading in the ward season casey affleck was role that i thought would win oscar and then he won globe but denzel won the sag. award many, many times over the years and i think tense he will height take it. denzel is the better performance in my opinion. don't be surprised if casey affleck wins but denzel will take home his third oz contact car for agoing on on sunday night. >> now to best actress. >> another tough category leading national ward season, natalie portman was go to ande list and emma stone winning the sag. natalie portman won critics
8:21 am
choice award. i'm thinking it will be emma stone because lala hand has -- la la land has all of the momentum. she very much deserves it. she he's my will win, and should win for oscar night. that moves to best picture , who will win and who do you think should win. >> this is a great category because, la la land is nominated for 14 nominations, most nominated tim tied with tie tan inning and all about eve in the history of academy award. here's the thing, hidden figures won sag, awards. i loved that. i think that could surprise, also moon light won globe for drama. so i'm interested to see what will happen. i think la la land will take it and damon what sell will win best director. follow me on twitter at kevin mccarthey, tv on oscar night. i will talk bit all night. we will see what happens. it will be a fun night with jimmy kimmel hosting. >> i wonder if he will wear that on his tucks. >> are you having a party.
8:22 am
>> oh, my wife and i are dressing up in our house. i'm wearing this tuxedo. we have a dog named oscar. we will stay in the house. we will have food, pizza just watch the show. we have been doing it the for five years. i'm excited. >> thanks very much, kevin. >> thank you. >> 8:22. unlucky this love. we may have the solution for you, parentally there are three simple steps to make someone fall in love with you. >> only three. >> we are seeing first robin thick opposite e paula patton divorce drama continues. how she says he tampered with evidence.
8:23 am
this race is consequential. it's all about being able to look your kid in the eye... and say, honey, it's gonna be okay. and this woman understands it in her gut. she gets it. stephanie hansen understands what people need. this election is very, very important to middle class people to live the life they deserve. don't ask yourself the morning after the election "why didn't i vote?" the morning after the election true radiance comes from within. new radiant toothpaste by colgate optic white. whitens teeth both inside and out. for a radiant, whiter smile. be radiant by colgate optic white.
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♪ all right. it is still going. who will win. because daytona 500 is this sunday on tax quincy and decided we will race each other. it can be that hard. we are asking who team are you on fox 29 team alex or fox 29 team q. >> 73 percent team alex. >> i'm liking this. the quincy started to tweet
8:26 am
too. i'm sure his team thumbs will go up but we will see who wins we will reveal in the 9:00 >> what are the results. >> i can't tell. >> you have been smiling big. i feel like it is leaning team alex. >> i don't know, i will not tell. >> another hour for that one. >> attorneys for robin thicke 's ex-wife filed court papers accusing the singer of tampering with the court. >> paula patton accused him of altering the order abe trying to get her arrested. she's accused him of attempting to bribe department of children and family services with sushi. former couple is in the the middle of an ugly custody dispute. right now she has soul custody patton has accused thick of being physically abusive and severely sanging their son. she got a restraining order, against him last who, and thick has denied these allegations. today judge is scheduled to begin a hearing on her allegations. i didn't think sushi had that weight. >> i was trying to figure out where that falls in the mix. one thing you battle it out
8:27 am
this is courtroom but when little kid become involved. sometimes as parents we have conversation was our little ones trying to influence their opinion and feeling about the the other person. hopefully that won't play out. sometimes judges do call in the kid and they have conversations to see is what really going on. >> yes. we will check back with jen. the it is time to do another you go there award. >> good morning, jen. >> this will be amazing. good morning to you guys. i'm hiding in the the back of an airport. does that give you any clue about who or what we're doing? we are recognizing someone who really goes there that helps the community, hiding in the back of an airport. we will be right back.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
and an nfl quarterback facing criticism james winston giving a talk, to elementary
8:31 am
school student. seems harmless. he said something to the girls that has parent upset and we will get your opinion. also, the oscars are this sunday but you don't need to be on the red carpet to celebrate in style. we have the perfect tips, and treats for your viewing party. >> these are really cute ideas that you have to try out. sue, i'm sure you will love this segment. you like this. >> it is, one of high favorites. she did strawberries that looks like tuxedos with the chocolate. white chocolate. who knows what she has in store today. maybe chips and salsa, good for any party. that the tortilla chip day. so much fun with bus stop buddy. jersey from the till is. they start their first spring training game today verse yankees and temperatures in the 50's and sunshine. don't forget your shade today. 56 degrees already. relative humidity at 84 percent. bad hair take for some of us. temperatures in the 50's and then we're heading to 74 degrees at least, maybe
8:32 am
even more, the record is 74, so it looks pretty certain we will tie that. then fog comes back out tonight and we are down to 56. that is your fox cast, seven day forecast coming up, bob kelly. >> good morning, an accident on the the schuylkill expressway westbound on the schuylkill right here between gulph mills and king of prussia, somebody else is stopping here in the right lane, and that will create another accident just waiting to happen but this is all westbound out near gulph mills some delays on the paoli thorn tail regional rail line. we had delays on the dance floor last night when we had a st. patrick's day party down here at independent visitors center. lieutenant i noland, cat i orr , we were out there with chief inspector joe sullivan and our grand marshall, you got to have our dancers when you have an irish party. it all lead up to the st. patrick's day parade, right here, on fox, 29 coming up on
8:33 am
sunday, march the 12th. yes, i gave the banjo a try. >> how did that go. >> well, i thought it went gray. the place cleaned out right after i started laying. >> that is not a good thing. >> keep trag. >> you have sometime before the parade. >> it is a you go there day, every week we honor someone who goes there every day. we are talking about people that go above and beyond to help others. >> our jen freddie's going there with a big surprise, once again, hi there, jen. >> hi, guys, so we're in an airport. we don't want to say which one jessica is here. if you know who she works for do not tell that person. the don't ruin the surprise. you guys work for angel flight east. >> yes. >> people don't know what that is, what is it. >> angel flight east we provide free air transportation to children and adults who need medical treatment from far home. >> reporter: you are dealing with kid with cancer and burn victims that have to go up to
8:34 am
boston and you say they have the best outlook despite heart breaking circumstances. >> um-hmm, they are some of the most poptive children and adults i have ever seen, and met in my life. their medical journey makes our bad days seem like throwing. the person we are honoring, we will not the satisfaction if it is a boy or girl, makes this thing possible. >> she's an incredible leader of angel throughout east not only a leader for organization but amen for to the people that work here our volunteers and our board members. >> awesome. we love it. so, in like 15 minutes we will surprise, you just say her so we will say her now. if you know someone like this, up in the morning, stays late at night, to help people, go to my facebook page and tell me all about them. that is pretty much how you did this. >> that is how i found you. >> okay, do you think she will be advised. >> yes, i hope so, i hope i have a job on hon. >> if you know what she does for a job don't text her boss,
8:35 am
person, okay. >> we will see you in a few. >> sound good. remember guys let's not ruin the surprise. that is special part because they don't know what is coming >> we will see what happens. >> beyonce backing out, the singer cancels her coachela performance the reason why she won't take the stage which is obvious but why it is bad news for more than just her fans
8:36 am
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because it is in the seven owe's we're playing 70's music and already, in february, rita 's water ice, some of them will be opened because it is just beautiful weather. they are outside at fourth and market giving away free water ice if you cannot wait, until after you get off work, some stores opened, others opening today and over weekend, they know weather will be great. so why not, have some rita's
8:39 am
but they don't open this will how much first. >> good morning to you. >> lets talk about this, kate len jenner is speaking out on the white house decision to let federal protections for transgendered students, long time republican and transgender activist tweeted this message for the president >> well, from one republican to another, this is a disaster you can still fix it. you made a prom toys protect the lbgt community. >> chris wallace, anchor of "fox news" sunday, good to see you. you heard what kate jenner has had to say. any reaction to the white house and do you think the president will speak on this at cpat to take. >> i wouldn't think this would be the group to talk to about this. there are certainly people unhappy with the decision to roll role back barack obama's position on telling public schools, public institutions that they have to allow people
8:40 am
to go to the bathroom that they identify as being of that gender but you have to remember, this just happened, for barack obama in his final year. he wasn't even for same sex marriage back in 2012. so, i think that the president has got some wiggle room here, with his own supporters and he is not the saying, anything about discriminating against l bgt just said it is a states right issue and that the federal government shouldn't be involved and i think most of his supporters will agree with thankfully want to talk about steve banon. we heard from him for the first time since his election. what do you make of his comments. he talk about a fight to get things back on track. >> i think the thing that was most interesting is that you see the degree of which he wants to shake up the whole system. he talked about the deconstructing the administrative state and all
8:41 am
those bureaucracies, pumping out regulations and ending that. it is a global economy with& nation with separate cultures an separate economies, that goes this to this economic that theism, and question of international trade. so he really wants to reshape the way the world operates and the the way the united states government operates. i think he roves the intellectual weight behind trumpism. so it is really interesting to hear it there him trekly -- directly and he and more importantly the president are full speed ahead and they are going to go against democratic opposition or opposition that they perceive in the main stream media. >> he laid out trump agenda. what can we expect this sunday >> we will have a top white house official the not quite lock town who it will be. we will preview the president 's big speech to congress and joint session of the congress, prime time tuesday night where he lays out his agenda legislative
8:42 am
agenda. we will talk to two top governors, terry mcauliffe, head of the national governors association, governor of virginia and wisconsin governor scott walker and talk to them about the impact a lot of these things, immigration, infrastructure, trade, obama care, impact that will have on their states and citizens. finally a terrific power player of the week by the guy name dan casino. he is director of social media for white house. he is there in the oval office and donald trump will dictate it and he takes it out and then takes it town and put it on very platforms. personal and white house. how many followers to you think he has, thomas. >> 13 million, i don't know. >> 95 million. >> wow. >> always good ram. >> chris wallace, anchor of chris wallace. >> ninety-five hill. time for a trip today tone
8:43 am
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welcome back. daytona 500 is this weekend this sunday at 1:00 right here on fox 29. >> i love for that is car they do the super bowl first. biggest race first and then season kicks off. >> this is super bowl of car racing. coverage of the daytona 500 is this sunday at the 1:00. regarded as most prestigious race on the nascar calendar. you will hear names like dale earnhardt junior, dan contact patrick, martin truex junior and our next two guests jeff gordon a four time that is car champion and kevin harvick and that is car champion as well joining trust daytona beach, florida, great to have you with us, guys. >> good morning. >> kevin, this is your 16th appearance. what was it like the first time you walked through that tunnel. >> the first time was in the year 2,000. i was a rookie. i sat in the grandstanded one time but driving through that tunnel and realizing you are at most prestigious race track in nascar was something that was a lot to take in.
8:47 am
it is still taking the green flag for daytona 500 is like in other race. just because of the hype, and everything that is building up this week and in the 500. and then winning the race, you realize there is nothing quite like winning the daytona 500. we are excited to be here. >> life changing experience. jeff, many nascar's greats, they they ever won the 500. this is an extremely difficult race to win. >> it truly is, is there so many challenges that come with trying to win this race. it has only gotten harder over years. you look at restrict plates and rules and how nascar inspects these cars. we saw the closest qualifying session in nascar history here for daytona 500. it was unbelievable. that tells you how competitive this sport is right now. that makes it really difficult to get an edge. that is where it falls on these drivers. they have to headache some really difficult decisions. it is, risk verse reward and we have seen amazing racing, and in the class last sunday and last night in the duals and i can this is wait for
8:48 am
daytona 500 to see who comes out on top. >> you mentioned how difficult this race is. do you think it is harder with the the whole stages format that they are doing. >> i think we saw that last night in our qualifying races. i think everybody realized there is points on the line, there is more on the line this every moment this year because of the points system and the way that everything works. so, our guys put out a lot of time into these race cars. you go on the race track. they expect you to be aggressive and compete and dot the things that you do to try to win a race. now you have to position yourself to win the race and dry to save the race to gain as many points as you can toward the end of the year. it is exciting. you know, it is a billing change for nascar but it has been well thought out and it will be great for our sport. >> we're real quick i think it will put pressure on these crew chiefs and pit strategy which puts more pressure on the drivers to make that
8:49 am
strategy plays out. real exciting new for hat. >> real quick, kevin, you were a career chevrolet driver how has switch to doored been. >> very good, ford people have been great to work w they have given us resources, time has been spent to switch over after we got done with homestead last year. so far cars are running good. season for us. >> jeff, are you wearing a watch by any chance, a nice rolex. >> yeah, i should know what time it is when i'm here this daytona, great victory, great to be part of it. i feel like i have lived at daytona this year. >> we miss you on the track. i know you will be calling it. great to have you part of the team. thank you, all of the best. >> thank you. >> daytona is this sunday right here on fox 29. coverage starts at the 1:00. you saw video there request with quincy. >> quincy came out with his helmet. >> yes.
8:50 am
>> acting all tough. >> stick around, just a little bit. we will see who won this race, quincy verse me, we will go together and we are like daytona. we wanted a little taste. so we are asking people on team alex or team quincy, just tweet, facebook, instagram, comment using the #fox 29 team alex or fox 29 team q. >> you said team q is getting on board yet, i have not seen it yet. 74 percent for you. >> my number has not change either. lets keep voting. the race is about to happen. we want to know what team you are on. >> sue serio, what team are you on. >> i'm impartial, i love them both. >> i'm on team weather. it is going to be cool they are daytona then it is, today or tomorrow, it is this is 60 's there. seventy-two high temperature for saturday with late daze thunderstorms. look at sunday windy and 46 degrees. that is your weekend preview right now as you walk outside the door our temperatures are all in the 50's and we are on our way to 74 degrees, today,
8:51 am
and is there your 72 for tomorrow. chilly temperatures on sunday and then another warm up by middle of the next week, thousand back to you. >> thanks very much. unluck any love? we may have the solution for you. apparently three simple steps to make someone fall in love with you. >> here's the fourth one, win the lottery. >> that will help. >> we will be right back.
8:52 am
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bride to be or a bride or mom to be and love idea awe can register to receive your favorite furniture. idea ace offering a gift registry for weddings, baby showers, house warmings, customers can create their wish list from products available on the web site or in the store. >> i'm advised that that is new i thought that was in place.
8:55 am
it is a perfect lays to have a registry. >> you can get all kind of things at ikea. this just makes sense. oscars they're sunday but you don't need to be on red carpet to celebrate in style. we are setting up. we have perfect tips and treats for your viewing party. nfl quarterback, facing some criticism, jameses wins exton gives a talk to elementary school student and what he says to the girls that have parents really upset.
8:56 am
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oh, yeah. seventy's music because it is going to be in the 70's today. rita's, a lot of them are opening up earlier because weather has been so great. they are giving out tree rita 's water ice outside with the official day opening up march 1st. but this weekend, to take we will see rita's stores opened. >> 600 locations. they have been around for 23
8:59 am
years. they serve water ice. thirty-six hours. to your mouth. >> it is good, trust me. >> yes. >> hi, karen. >> good morning. >> tgif. >> we made it through another week. >> how are you doing this morning. >> good. >> you are excited. >> a little bit. >> i don't blame you, weather, weekend, fun. >> a lot of good things. >> are you unluck any love? to you want romance like you see in the movies. we may have the solution for you. three simple steps to make someone fall in love with you. >> beyonce backing out, of the coachel a performance. the reason that she won't take stage and why it is bad news for more than just her fans. also, jen has a very special surprisethis morning, hi there, jen. >> surprise. hey, this is just such a big deal, we had to bring jared back from his vacation in mexico. not one but two interns and to
9:00 am
ri is taking road trip as a field row dueser. thinks one epic you go there. we will send it back to mexico after the bit. >> yes, we do. >> it is such a beautiful take out. how about milk shakes. this time of the year you notice these, green milk shakes. >> shamrock shakes. >> i love them. >> take these away, because this year we have new ones, the chocolate shamrock shakes. >> they takes like the andy's chocolate mint. >> yum. >> okay. >> here you go, karen. >> i want to try one. >> we have, now thomas, you are the expert on these. >> by the way is there only 2,000 of these straws, it is called the straw, available at select stores in the coming days here. basically, it gives you a 50/50 sip ratio, chocolate and mint. >> how, because of the two held here. >> put it in this way. >> i think alex, you get some


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